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Boxwood is a PHP extension for fast replacement of multiple words in a piece of text. It supports case-sensitive and case-insensitive matching. It requires that the text it operates on be encoded as UTF-8. I built it while working at Ning so we could do efficient replacement of a per-customer-specified list of naughty words on all pages served for that customer.

Read more about Boxwood and download it from Github:


Badgerfish is a convention for translating an XML document into a JSON object. I sort of made it up as a joke, but people seem to be taking it seriously.


myphp is a MySQL UDF that interprets PHP. This lets you do things like this:

mysql> SELECT php('$argv[1]','hello, world!');
| php('$argv[1]','hello, world!') |
| hello, world!                   |

Read more about myphp and download it here.


DAD is an ad server for web sites written in mod_perl. I built it for Student.Net Publishing when there weren’t (m)any commercial options available for serving ads on one’s web site. (Or at least there weren’t any options that made financial sense for SNP at the time.) My paper on DAD was accepted by the Perl Conference 2.0 in 1998. Read more about DAD and download it here.